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3-9-08 New Location for blog. I've moved my blog from Serendipity to WordPress.

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3/10/08 IACCM Americas Conference

Last year I attended the IACCM Americas conference in New Orleans. I thought it was one of the best conferences I'd ever attended. Excellent speakers, thought-provoking discussions, and opportunities to network with people outside my normal sphere of corporate counsel made it an event I'd recommend to anyone involved in contracting.

This year I have the opportunity to participate as a discussion leader in the Academic Symposium. We'll be exploring whether current approaches to academic training (both legal and procurement) result in more confrontational and less productive relationships.

Although the IACCM is not primarily an association for attorneys, Tim Cummins and the IACCM have recently been taking a leadership role in discussions about the legal profession.

IACCM Americas April 7-9 - Highly recommended event.


3/9/08 Sun GC's Updated Reebok Rules

3/7/08 Will Social Networking Work for In-House Lawyers?


Enterprise Contract Management

My latest crusade is to convince in-house departments of the value of enterprise contract management systems ("ECM," aka contract lifecycle management). ECM systems handle the entire lifecycle of a company's contracts and can be integrated into other systems such as ERP suites. For any corporation that deals with any volume of contracts, an ECM system will probably pay for itself within the first year. Corporate procurement departments have led the way in this area, and I think more corporate legal departments should jump on the ECM bandwagon.

ECM handles the typical legal side of contracts (e.g., contract creation and negotiation), but goes well beyond that to touch any other department in the company that deals with contracts. I don't know of any other legal technology investment that's likely to provide the same kind of payback. For more information, go to Contract Management.

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