Forum Help

1. How to post a new message.

If you want to post a brand new message (i.e. new thread) you have to type it in the fields on main page or if you want to post a reply you have to go to the message that you will reply and fill the form bellow. When you start to write your message in the textarea "Submit" button will appear in the bottom-right corner. If you clear the textarea the button will hide again.

2. Which fields are mandatory.

When you write your message the only one mandatory field is the textarea for the message. Without a message you will not see the "Submit" button and you will not be able to send anything. But if you want to make your message more specific you have to change the default subject provided by the forum administrator with a subject of your like. You can post anonymous message leaving the default "Name" untouched or you can tell the others who is the author by writing your name or nickname in the "Name" field or by login yourself (explained in section 4). The same is valid for the "Email" field, but there probably the default is blank.

3. How to register.

You can register your own name and thus nobody else will be able to post messages by your name. All you have to do is to click "Register" image on navigation bar then a popup window with necessairy fields will show up. Fill them all and after you have successfully registered you can login and post new messages.

4. How to login.

If you want to post a message with your registered name you have to log in our forum. Click on "Login" image on the navigation bar, type your name and password in the field in the popup window and click "Login". To log out just click "Logout" image on the right side of the navigation bar. When you log in your login session will expire in 24 hours unless you log out.