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If you don't already have a PDA, get one! It's almost essential today for keeping busy work and personal schedules and information. Lawyers who don't use PDAs are becoming a minority, if they aren't already. 

Most companies do not supply PDAs to their employees, so this is a purchase you might have to make on your own. In fact, it might even be better to buy one yourself so you can take it (along with your complete calendar, contact list, etc.) with you if you lose your job or change jobs. (See PDA Backup)

Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and other PIMs is generally easy and there's a lot more you can do with PDAs if you want to get serious. Check out the links below to get more information. 

By far the dominant platform in the PDA world is the PalmŪ computing platform. It's now offered by PDA manufacturers other than Palm, Inc. Major advantages: proven technology, thousands of add-on programs, technical support available from lots of sources. Alternative: Devices that run on the Microsoft Pocket PC platform. These devices have some nice features, but they have not achieved the popularity of the Palm operating system. The Palm system is simpler, and most people want simplicity in a PDA. 

PDA Product News

PDA Links - Resources for finding more information.

PDA Utilities - Do more with your PDA. 

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