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Security Devices

Siemens ID Mouse - Fingerprint identification integrated into a mouse. "Now you need have no qualms about forgetting your password, because PC access is virtually automatic. Not only that, but it is also far more secure than before. This is all made possible by the ID Mouse, the first PC mouse with a fully integrated FingerTipô sensor. Here is how it works: The Siemens ID Mouse scans one or more of your ten fingers into the system. Although colleagues, friends and even enemies or competitors can try whatever they like, they will not succeed: Your PC simply cannot be accessed. System security is ensured because the ID Mouse is programmed to only permit access to your PC based on your fingerprint. It cannot be compromised by any means of manipulation, such as copying your fingerprint." (The company's website is extremely slow to load, even with a DSL connection, so be patient.) Cost: $129.00. Order it here. 

Have you seen those little key-fob-like devices that people use to log on to secure networks? They are from a company called RSA Security. Their website features information on electronic security issues as well as product information. 

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