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12/19/05 - It appears that although Anoto hasn't taken the legal world by storm, it may take the toy world by storm. The Fly pentop computer uses technology licensed from Anoto.

3/23/01 - Anoto - Write your notes on a real paper legal pad, check a box, and Anoto could send your notes to your practice management system or to anyone else by fax or email. That's not all Anoto could do. This could be one of the most interesting technologies the legal profession has seen yet. 

Read the article about Anoto in Wired Magazine

Here's what the Anoto website says: 

"Anoto drives the revolution in pen and paper. For the first time ever, we have enabled wireless business to take off directly from paper by uniting handwriting with everyday digital communication.

"Now you can send both text and drawing from wherever you are in a much more intuitive way than before. The communication potential is amazing. And, as with traditional pen and paper, all you need to do is free your imagination.

Anoto is designed to use Bluetooth technology, which has a lot of promise, but not much substance at this point. article on Bluetooth.  

More than a year after news of Anoto first appeared, we're still waiting for the technology to appear in commercial products. "Reviewers and early adopters will get their hands on Anoto products before the end of 2001, and the feedback generated will play a large part in what happens after that. If usability, reliability and security are all up to scratch, Anoto could deliver on its promise of a revolution in the way we interact with computer technology." ZDNet India.

Last updated: 12/19/05


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