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Application Service Providers (ASPs)* - Should You Rent Your Software? 

If you don't know what an ASP is, there are links at the bottom of the page to more information. Virtually any software application can be "rented" from an ASP. 

There are several theoretical advantages to this type of software delivery model. Particularly for small corporate legal departments that do not have dedicated IT staffs, the idea of someone else being responsible for setting up, maintaining, and upgrading your software, and taking responsibility for such things as security and backups has some appeal. In addition, because access to the system is typically through an Internet browser, an ASP can provide access to your information and documents through any computer with access to the Internet. 

There are also some potential downsides to the ASP model. See ASP Concerns

 ASPs made a big splash in the legal technology world in early 2000. So far, however, it seems that the hype has gone the way of the dot-com craze. The reality has been that lawyers have so far been slow to embrace ASPs. 

The University of Florida's Legal Technology Institute conducted a study on ASPs in the legal industry titled An In-Depth Look into the
Future Use of ASPs in the Legal Profession
. An executive summary is available online.

* Don't know exactly what an ASP is? Actually, there are several different types of companies that call themselves ASPs, so some confusion is understandable. Check out what the ASP Industry Consortium has to say about it in their FAQs

Netlinktools has links to other information on ASPs. 

Legal ASP Providers


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