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Automated Document Comparison (Red-Lining)

Both Word and WordPerfect allow you to compare document versions and generate a red-line comparison. Although their comparison features have gotten better, they are far from perfect, and you can't really rely on them. (Note: Microsoft's Word 2002, a part of the new Office XP suite, reportedly has a much improved comparison tool that may eliminate the need for a separate program.) A better alternative is a specialized document comparison program. CompareRiteTM has been the standard for many years, but Lexis-Nexis has announced that it will stop supporting the program on 2/1/02, and it will not be available for purchase after 5/1/01.  

DeltaView, from WorkShare Technology, takes over where CompareRite leaves off, and, according to the reviews, does it better. According to the company, " DeltaView is the first step in a suite of document collaboration products. An essential function of collaborating on documents is to be able to accurately compare them and work with the changes that are taking place. DeltaView is a comprehensive and robust document comparison tool." Barry Bayer gave this product a favorable review in a March 26, 2001, review on's Automated Lawyer site. 

DeltaView produces accurate red-line versions of word processor documents. Every lawyer needs one.
DeltaView, Version 2.51
Price: 10-user site license: $750 plus 18 percent required first year software maintenance. Site license for larger sites, approximately $60 - $70 per seat.
Requires: IBM-PC or compatible, running Microsoft Windows 97 or 2000
Workshare Technology
208 Utah
San Francisco, Calif., 94103
Phone: (888) 404-4246 or (415) 975-3855
Fax: (415) 957-3854

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