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Connect with Law Firms Online

Several companies are trying to change the way clients connect with lawyers. Online auction sites and other sites for for finding lawyers.  

Martindale Hubbell Online - Still the number 1 source for finding outside counsel, but the online version is much more powerful than the big old books. Does anyone miss those books? They were good for getting in some strength training at the office, but they were way too expensive. The price of the new version is right. 

LawOffer - "The Internet's Top Site for Matching Lawyers and Clients."

Law Periscope - an online law firm directory and search engine designed for corporate counsel.

Who'sWhoLegal - "Our service is designed to reduce the short-term costs incurred in finding a lawyer, but more significantly to minimise the transactional expense and risk of receiving poor counsel. We primarily aim to be a reference source for companies seeking to corroborate the reputations of expert lawyers recommended by another party. However, because referrals are often lateral, we also endeavour to create a network between the lawyers listed, for whilst they may have a thorough knowledge of the ablest lawyers in their own practice area, their familiarity with other fields in interdisciplinary and international transactions may not be as extensive.

Links to law firm web sites. 


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