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Intranets and Extranets for Corporate Legal Departments


Intranet: By now, most companies have some sort of corporate intranet, and many corporate legal departments maintain their own site on the corporate intranet. Typical uses of such a site are to provide information on legal subjects to business people, to give employees access to common legal forms, to give authorized personnel access to information on contracts, transactions, and cases, and to provide news on legal issues of general interest. Some departments (especially larger departments) also have intranets that are primarily for the use of the department itself. In addition to the purposes mentioned above, this type of intranet may contain links to research tools, department policies, and news of particular interest to the in-house attorneys. 

Extranet: An extranet is really just an intranet that has been opened up to people outside of the company's network. It allows authorized users secure access to information through a web browser, usually with some level of control over who gets to view what information. Extranets can be developed and maintained internally, by a corporation or a law firm, or they can be maintained by a third party provider. View a demo of theT-Lex extranet system.

Content Management: The definitions of intranets and extranets lead to the obvious question of why should your public web site, your intranet and your extranet be separate systems. The answer is that in most cases there really isn't any good reason. Today, they are converging and are all being encompassed under the term "content management." Content management products are maturing and becoming much more useful and easy to administer than a stand-alone intranet or extranet. See, for example, Intranet Solutions' Xpedio content management product. 

Now what we need is a practice management system that integrates with your corporate content management system. 

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E-Learning can be a offered on your intranet. 

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