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Online Systems to enhance collaboration and cooperation on litigation matters

CaseCentral - "Our Mission is to provide the most complete ebusiness platform for legal industry professionals, allowing them to communicate, collaborate, manage and access valuable case information whenever and wherever, so they can focus on winning more cases."

CynOps from TyMetrix - "CynOps is a service for the creation and organization of collaborative networks, where each network is created to support a specific client and all of its outside law firms. It is the most advanced application available today to assist organizations in the management of legal representation."

E-TRANSCRIPT BINDER - From Reallegal - "This product helps attorneys better manage projects by allowing them to access transcripts remotely and work simultaneously with the entire support team," said Martin Steinberg, Senior Vice President of Transcript and Court Technology. E-Transcript Binder manages an unlimited number of transcripts providing control over an entire matter. Import, file, search, review, annotate and report on everything from depositions and motion hearings to trial testimony and closing arguments. It also accepts realtime feeds from court reporters, providing an instantaneous record of the proceedings.

Merrill Corporation - Litigation support services.

PowerBrief - "PowerBrief is the attorney's mobile desktop, accessible by the client, providing each participant in the legal process - from corporate counsel, to law firms, to insurers, to courts - with a personalized source of high-quality information and applications. The PowerBrief team researches and analyzes technologies important to the legal profession, selects those offerings that are deemed best-of-class and integrates those products into one, seamless application that can be accessed from any computer at any time. Corporate law departments and law firms using PowerBrief are now able to share a secure, encrypted, real-time, electronic work environment designed from the ground up around the practice of law."


T-Lex - "T Lex develops "extranets" -- private, highly secure Web sites for corporations, law  firms and others. Each site is customized to meet the particular needs of each client." 

View slides from a presentation by a K-Mart in-house attorney about K-Mart's experience with their T-Lex Extranet. 

View a demo of theT-Lex system. 



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