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Manage Corporate Secretarial Information

There are tools that can help you manage, keep track of, and communicate corporate and subsidiary information, including officer and director information, corporate stock records and minute books, and upcoming board meetings and agenda. 

My recommendation is, whenever possible, to look for products that either integrate with or take the place of other products you are using in your office. For example, if your practice management system either integrates with your corporate information system or can perform the same functions as your corporate information management system, you can avoid the need to enter the same information into more than one system. Not only is it more efficient, it also reduces the chances of errors and having out-of-date information in some systems. For example, if you change the address of a board member in one system, that information should automatically flow into your other systems. 

  • Bridgeway Software's Secretariat product has been around for many years. "Secretariat is the industry leading software product designed specifically for the corporate secretary and is used in over 700 corporate legal departments worldwide. Secretariat has evolved over the past 10 years to be the most complete and successful solution for the Corporate Secretary."

Secretariat has the advantage of integrating with Bridgeway's eCounsel practice management system. "Bridgeway offers the only fully integrated Internet solution for the corporate secretary and general counsel offering our clients one vendor, one database, one support call, one source, and one process. For more information on eCounsel™ click here."

  • Corporate Focus, from Two-Step Software, Inc. - "Two Step Software, Inc. develops, markets and supports Corporate Focus, the market leading corporate governance, ownership and minute book management software application used by the nation’s leading law firms and corporate legal departments. Corporate Focus is the only software application that combines stock and option tracking with corporate governance information management so that all corporate records can be found in one place."

  • Mitratech - "Mitratech's systems track all information pertinent to managing all your business units and subsidiaries. The software can keep track of annual meetings and create automatic reminders when events are pending. It can also help prepare documents for mergers and acquisitions and assist in your due diligence process."

  •, an ASP, offers the following online products: 

    Virtual BoardRoom™, "which supports corporate board meeting and governance processes:

    Virtual Minutes™, "a document management and storage service designed specifically for the maintenance of corporate minutebooks."


Last updated: 01/21/06


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