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Electronic Billing and Invoice Processing Options

DataCert - "DataCert's ShareDoc/LEGAL, and its companion workflow product FlowManager, facilitate electronic invoicing by translating e-billing information from different law firm billing-packages into something that their clients can more easily understand and use. Through the use of XML technology, Share Doc/LEGAL provides a secure invoice-delivery capability." - From Tripoint Systems. " - Electronic Invoicing Made Easy. allows corporate law departments receive invoices from outside counsel electronically. Once invoices are received, they can be routed, adjusted and approved. The invoice information can then be output to SmartCounsel or other systems, including the corporate matter management or accounting systems. also provides reporting and analysis mechanisms to further leverage the invoice information received."

eVelocity - "ProvideIT™, an invoice management and validation system, enables corporate law departments to streamline review, approval and payment of invoices, to better control and track legal expenses, and to identify their most efficient service providers. ProvideIT™ validates incoming invoices prior to submission to a law department to ensure accuracy of basic information, streamlines payment functions and provides extensive reporting tools that facilitate more efficient utilization of both external and internal resources."

Legal Advisor - from CSC Legalgard. According to an April 18, 2001 story on, the company has developed the Legal Advisor auditing software, and it is being used by a couple of major insurance companies. As of April 18, 2001, the company's website has not been updated for a long time, and I could find no mention of the Legal Advisor software. 

LegalPrecision - from Examen is "a tool for managing every source of legal bills regardless of a law firm's technological capabilities."

TyMetrix - "The Tymetrix System provides instantaneous web-based processing of law firm invoices based on your rules and criteria, rather than the lengthy burden of reviewing and approving paper invoices."


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