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Personal Firewall Products

Firewalls are universally used to protect corporate computer networks. By now, most people know they should also be using a firewall on their home computers or networks. Both hardware and software firewalls are available. The experts recommend using a combination of hardware and software for better protection. Keep in mind that these home-oriented products are not intended to provide the kind of high level security that would be suitable for a corporate network. However, used in combination, they should be adequate to protect for a home computer against all but the most determined hackers. For more information, read a PC World article on antivirus utilities, firewalls, file encryptors, and other PC protectors. 3/27/01

Software Firewalls

ZoneAlarm, from Zone Labs, one of the best personal firewall software products, is about to release a new version that promises improved security and easier setup. PC World story.  ZoneAlarm is free for personal use on individual computers, and can be downloaded from ZoneAlarm's web site. ZoneAlarm Pro, $39.95, is for business use and for protecting multiple computers. 


For a hardware solution, most people use a combination network router and firewall. Products from Linksys and SMC are inexpensive and effective. article on the SMC Barricade. 



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