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Where can in-house counsel go for information on legal technology products and services designed for their needs? 

As far as I can tell, there isn't any place designed specifically for corporate counsel. This site is an attempt to bring this kind of information together in one place. 

If you work in a corporate legal department, especially a small department, and if you have tried to find information on technology that applies to your department, you probably know that there are very few resources dedicated to the needs of in-house lawyers. I spent fourteen years in small in-house departments, the last nine as general counsel for a manufacturing company. I was constantly looking for ways to improve the way we ran the department, and this site grew out of my own frustrations in trying to get information on technology options. 

My goal with this site is to provide practical advice and information to help corporate lawyers and corporate legal departments use technology to improve the way they practice law. I understand that most lawyers are not and don't want to become technology experts. Wherever possible, I've tried to provide explanations and links to more information. 

As time goes by, I'll try to include some thoughts (mine and others) on the future of the profession and what we as corporate lawyers need to be thinking about to make sure we continue to be valuable members of our employers' business teams. 

If you are in private practice, there is a wealth of information available online and in print publications. If you work in a large department with dedicated IT staff, someone else takes care of your technology issues, and you probably don't need this information. But if you are working in a small department where the corporate IT staff doesn't understand the need of the law department, I hope this site will help you find the information you are looking for.  

I don't presume to know it all. Technology today is so complex and changes so quickly that no one can know everything. If you have suggestions for information that should be on this site, please send me an email. To make this site as useful as possible, I would like to include as many product reviews from actual users as possible, and I welcome your submissions. 

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