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Backups - Necessary, Yet Potentially Risky

There are not many professional disasters worse than losing all of the information on your server or your hard drive. Although you may never have had a hard drive crash, it does happen. An even greater risk is laptop theft, which leaves you with no way to even attempt to recover information that wasn't backed up. 

Yet these potential disasters can easily be avoided by backing up your data on a regular basis. We all know we should do this, we've all heard the horror stories, but a disturbingly large number of lawyers fail to actually do it. 

Corporate IT departments that are doing their jobs will have a comprehensive backup strategy. Be sure the legal department's information, including information stored on laptops, is included in the corporate backup plan. Make sure you have a recovery plan for getting the information back in a timely manner, and test that plan when you are not under pressure. Disasters have a nasty habit of taking place when you are under a tight deadline. 

More information:

Planning and Implementing a Computer Backup System (Article)

See Ross Kodner's excellent CLE materials on backing up. They are available on the MicroLaw website under the MicroLaw Downloadable/Viewable CLE under Miscellaneous, then ABA Techshow 2001 - Things That Go Bump in the Night.

Backup Resources - if your company doesn't have a comprehensive backup plan, your department needs its own. 

The downside of backing up information - discovery.


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