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Getting an idea of how a jury will view your case can help you make better decisions about which cases to settle and which to fight. Want to fine-tune your arguments and presentation? Is your management reluctant to settle a case you know in your heart should be settled? Early case evaluation may help. 

Online case evaluation -

E-jury - "where "trial by jury" has taken on a new significance. We are the first company to provide mock juries and summary trials conducted via the Internet in a "venue specific" format. This means our jurors ("E-jurors") are legal residents of the county or counties chosen by the attorney when submitting the case."

iCourthouse -  "is a greatly streamlined version of the court system in the real world. Cases here move at internet speed. The cases are real, the jurors are real, and the verdicts are real. Collect your evidence and present your case. iCourthouse is always in session." 

LitiComm - From Carlton Trial Consulting and Research Center, Inc. - "The Online Focus Group is here! It is excellent for measuring attitudes towards your important legal case. It helps you decide whether to try or settle your case. Test your case themes and design your visual evidence."

More Traditional Trial Research 

Starr Litigation Services - "STARR's scientifically grounded research projects are custom-designed for you, for your needs, for your areas of concern. We measure reactions by study participants to your evidence and arguments in-depth."


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