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Online Dispute Resolution

Automated Options - "The process is simple. A claim in dispute is "loaded" onto the site. Each party to the claim then has the opportunity to securely submit settlement figures electronically at the site. Neither party can see the other's offers or demands. Once each settlement figure has been submitted by each side, will "compare" each offer to each demand, line by line. If the settlement offers are within a designated dollar or percentage range of each other, will automatically split the difference and settle the claim. If the offers are not within range, the claim will not settle." - "provides one stop shopping for all of your dispute resolution needs. Utilize the site for our blind bid on-line negotiation program or to submit a case for in-person arbitration or mediation to NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation). NAM has more than 1500 Hearing Officers world wide.

c  - "Cybersettle provides a real-time settlement solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our state-of-the-art system is an efficient alternative to the slow and tedious claim resolution process that individuals and companies involved in a dispute experience. Cybersettle allows participants to make offers and demands confidentially and to reach a settlement acceptable to both sides."

Options using Real People - Dispute resolution system for e-commerce issues. - "a greatly streamlined version of the court system in the real world. Cases here move at internet speed. The cases are real, the jurors are real, and the verdicts are real. Collect your evidence and present your case. iCourthouse is always in session."

SwiftCourtTM - Online arbitration using a patent-pending process. 


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