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Manage Faxes Electronically

Network Fax Management Software:

Managing faxes entirely electronically is a great way to go, especially if the fax program integrates with the other programs you use in your office. Faxes can come in to a PC or a central server and be routed automatically or by a designated individual to the proper person's electronic inbox. However, avoid any program that stores faxes in a proprietary format (generally anything other than TIFF (most common for faxes), JPEG, and PDF). For some strange reason, a number of fax programs you can buy at your local computer store use proprietary formats. If you switch programs at some point, you don't want to have to continue to run your old fax program just to look at your old faxes. While the products might allow you to save in TIFF, it's often an extra step that most people won't do. Stick with the standard formats. More on image formats.

Here's what Ross Kodner, noted legal technolgy expert of Microlaw in Milwaukee recommends:

Fax Machines, Scanners, etc.

For those departments looking for small office fax machines and scanners, look at multi-function machines from Brother, including the MFC-9600, and the DCP-1200 copier/color scanner, both of which have gotten good reviews from lawyers who use them. 


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