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Consultants that Focus on Law Departments

Altman Weil - "Altman Weil's consulting services demonstrate a depth of experience and innovative expertise not available from any other organization. We have tailored services that specifically focus on the challenges of law firms, corporate and government law departments, bar associations and legal vendors. We are committed to creating value for our clients."

Baker Robbins & Company "Helps law departments achieve their critical business objectives. We help them utilize information technology to increase competitive advantage, streamline business processes, enhance client service and improve productivity. Our services include the selection and implementation of matter, document, records and time management systems as well as state of the art litigation support, e-billing, electronic discovery, computer forensics and web-based collaborative solutions. Baker Robbins & Company understands more than just the technology. We understand how law departments work. Our knowledge, which goes well beyond that of individual vendors and system integrators, allows us to add value that endures beyond the immediate benefit of the technology implemented."

Kraft, Kennedy & Lesser - "We provide network integration services to the country's top law firms and Fortune 500 legal departments. Some law firms and legal departments have full-fledged MIS staffs, but for many Kraft Kennedy & Lesser clients, we are their computer department. We maintain their systems, manage their networks, customize their software, help protect their data, provide strategic advice, evaluate new products and do whatever else it takes to deliver maximum performance with minimal downtime."

Prism Legal Consulting "Prism advises law firms and departments on strategic technology planning, knowledge management, litigation and practice support, and serving clients more effectively with technology."

Westchester Consulting Group "is a boutique consulting firm. Our exclusive focus is the vision and strategy, business processes, supporting technology, and change leadership activities within the Corporate Legal Department."


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