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Links to Other Sources of Information

Confused about technology terminology? Here are some resources:

Computer Law Association - Although the focus of this organization is on the law of information technology, one of their conferences will cover "How Emerging Technologies Affect the Law, and How the Law May Affect the Development and Future of Technology." CLA also offers an online IT resource center.

PC911 - "Friendly Expert Computer Help - In Plain English"

TechEncyclopedia - has definitions of more than 20,000 IT terms. 

Webopedia - claims to be "The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology."

People in the legal technology world tend to be very generous in sharing information. Here are other sources for general legal technology information:

American Bar Association - Law Practice Management Section - Maintains the LAWTECH listserv where you can get technology questions answered by real experts who are willing to share their knowledge. Subscribe

ABA TECHSHOW - Annual event sponsored by the ABA's Law Practice Management Section, featuring some of the country's best legal technology presenters. Website has links to many of the session materials.

Beginners Learning Resource - Offers online courses, tutorials, and advice. The focus is on technology. Many resources are free. 

Dennis Kennedy - Dennis Kennedy, Technolawyer of the Year - 2001, has a wealth of information on his site. His Secrets to Learning About Legal Technology page is one of the best lists of legal technology resources I am aware of. 

E-Lawyering - A website and discussion forum sponsored by the ABA's Law Practice Management Section "is a one-stop site to help lawyers take advantage of new opportunities--and serve unmet legal needs in the process."

FindLaw Legal Tech Center

Internet for Lawyers - Specializes in finding free resources for lawyers on the Internet. Check out the Articles - "'s, {is} a site for (what else) legal technology articles and scribblings by legal writers, consultants or by anyone interested in legal developments and technology."

The Law Marketing Portal offers a collection of interesting articles on general legal technology as well as marketing for law firms. Link to articles. 

LawNet, Inc. - "an independent network of legal automation professionals", maintains "a forum - the only one of its kind - for those involved in technology for corporate legal departments to share experiences and gain knowledge from each other."

Law Office Computing Magazine - Lots of useful information for a reasonable subscription fee. Some of the most comprehensive legal technology product reviews I've found. Access to most of the online content requires a subscription to the magazine. 

Law Technology News, an American Lawyer publication, is a print publication with a good online version as well. Subscriptions are free. It features vendor product announcements and substantive articles that are generally quite good. 

Legal Technology Online - A UK site that has some technology information  and news. Main focus seems to be on the UK, but that is where a lot of the interesting legal technology work is being done. This site is related to the Global Law Review - "is a unique, free Web journal dedicated to providing legal professionals with the most up-to-date information on a wide range of Internet legal research and technology-related issues."

Microlaw - Ross Kodner, a prolific legal technology writer and speaker, is the founder of Microlaw, a legal technology consulting company in Milwaukee. There is a lot of information on their site, including some of Ross's CLE presentations on The Paper LESS OfficeTM.

Netlawtools - Jerry Lawson, author of The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers (ABA 1999), maintains a valuable collection of information and links on this site. 

NetTech, Inc. - provides "A comprehensive and compendious collection of Internet resources about legal technology."

Network-Lawyers is "the discussion group for lawyers, law professors, law librarians and other legal professionals to exchange information about the internet, technology and related law topics." To subscribe, send an e-mail message to:

TechnoLawer Community - "The TechnoLawyer Community is a free e-mail community in which legal professionals share information about business and technology issues, products, and services, often developing valuable business relationships in the process."

University of Florida's Legal Technology Institute - "provides independent legal technology consulting services, Internet Web design and development services and training specific to the legal profession."

Wells Anderson Legal Tech Services - Wells Anderson, also a noted legal technology writer and speaker, is the founder of a legal technology consulting firm in Minneapolis. His site usually has some interesting articles on such topics as speech recognition, mobile lawyering, and useful utilities.  

Wendy Leibowitz operates WendyTech, a site for legal news, cybersavvy law talk, and articles about technology and the law.

Woody's Windows Watch - Sign up for a free email newsletter and get "Advice, tips and news from author, guru, curmudgeon, and Microsoft software victim Woody Leonhard, and friends." Separate newsletters for Windows®, Office®, Access®, Project® and Palm®


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