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5/9/01 - Microsoft changing licenses for large customers. 

5/7/01 - Authentica, Inc., announces the launch of a free Web service that lets users easily and securely share valuable digital information and actively control how it is used by recipients after delivery. 

5/1/01 - David Munn in Smart Business Magazine on technology for corporate legal departments

4/28/01 - New PDA from Handera looks interesting.

4/25/01 - International Paper Legal Department Chooses TyMetrix

3/28/01 - Microsoft promises Office XP is easier to use, builds in translation and collaboration tools  and more - could it eventually substitute for practice management systems?

3/26/01 - Problems with state government websites reported

3/22/01 - Law Firm Spin-off Trend

3/23/01 - Anoto - High-tech marriage of paper, pen, and technology. This is very cool!

3/19/01  - Scopeware is an integrated information management solution that provides a range of powerful applications for small and medium-sized businesses, workgroups, and customized enterprise installations. The Scopeware product family offers workgroup collaboration tools, mobile information access, scan and retrieval of paper documents, and email/document archiving. More.


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