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Backing up PDA Information

Information in your PDA needs to be backed up just like all of your other information. Synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook or other PIMs is one way to back up the data. It's usually possible to set up your PDA to synchronize to both your office computer and a home computer to both keep your information in synch and to ensure that you have multiple backups. (Obviously, you need to be careful of security and client confidentiality if you have sensitive information in your PDA that might be transferred to a home computer.)

Since job changes (voluntary and involuntary) are so common these days, having all of your contact information available to you for a job search or moral support can be essential. If you have a company-provided PDA, you might want to have a way to back up your calendar, contact information, etc. in such a way that you can get it back later, whether or not you still have your company-provided PDA. 

Handspring sells a very small and inexpensive backup module for its Visor models. It's a matchbook-sized card that fits in the Visor expansion slot. Newer PDAs from Palm, Inc. have similar options. This can be handy if you don't have your computer with you on the road and you want to have a way to back up your information. It would also be a great way to take information with you if you change employers.* Keep it separate from the PDA in case you lose your PDA. 

Backup Buddy from Blue Nomad is another option for Palm-powered devices. It has gotten good reviews. 

* I hope you don't need to be reminded to avoid taking confidential information from your previous employer with you. 


Last updated: 05/08/01


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