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PDA Product News:

5/3/01 - Presenter-to-Go Module available for Visor handhelds. Do PowerPoint presentations using only your Visor handheld. 

5/3/01 - Walter Mossberg, writing in the Wall Street Journal's Personal Technology column, liked the new Sony Clié, as long as you don't want to use it for music. Great color screen and innovative features. List price is $499.

4/28/01 - Handera, Inc. (formerly TRG Products, Inc.) - "announced the HandEra 330*, a powerful new handheld computing device for corporate and personal use. The Palm Powered* HandEra 330 boasts one of the highest resolution screens of any handheld on the market today as well as a larger viewing area, easy-to-use software and two expansion slots for expandable memory up to one gigabyte, all at a list price of $349.99. The HandEra 330 will be available in Q2 from the company's new Web site at and from select national retail outlets and resellers." Looks like this product will have some very interesting features. Worth checking out. 

4/9/01 - Rex® 6000 Micro PDA worth considering. About the size of a business card case. If a Palm or Visor is too big for you, take a look at the Rex. Previous versions were disappointing, but this one seems to be pretty good. It's actually a PC card that fits into a laptop for synchronization. Not as many features as the big PDAs, but it has the essential features people use most often. review 

3/29/01 - New PDA Products - Walter Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal's personal technology guru, likes the new monochrome Handspring Visor Edge and the new Palm m500 model. However, he is quite critical of the color screen on the Palm m505, calling it "barely color."  

3/28/01 - Kyocera Merges Palm operating system with wireless phone. The Kyocera Smartphone, "powered by the Palm OS®, combines a CDMA digital wireless phone, Web access and a Palm handheld computer. Kyocera's smartphone is an all-in-one device so that you don't have to carry a pager, phone and PDA." Others have tried this before, but reviews indicate that Kyocera learned from their mistakes. Available from Verizon Wireless

3/28/01 - Research in Motion, the maker of the popular RIM and Blackberry mobile email devices, now offers wireless calendar synchronization as well. It's included in the regular monthly charge on the Blackberrytm service. Press release. 


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