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New: LawyerLinks Advantagesm "the first topic-based online corporate law research toolprovides legal professionals with faster and complete research results through easy to use navigational features. Instant access to all relevant legal precedent, practice and source materials reduces the amount of research time significantly. Subscribers quickly find answers, gain expertise on unfamiliar topics and keep up-to-date on the latest developments all from a single resource. LawyerLinks indexes information by topic keyword, resulting in no false positives. By comparison, search-based services yield long lists of results with unpredictable levels of relevance and detail."

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Older information - may be out of date:

Public Libraries - You probably know that public libraries subscribe to various online databases and make these available to users from workstations within the library. But did you know that many libraries also give users access to these databases over the Internet? Example. Contact your local library to find out what they offer. Thanks to Dave Krysiek at the Brandware Group

Legal Research Sites - General

Legal Research Sites - International

Internet for Lawyers - This site offers interesting articles and other resources. Sign up for a free monthly newsletter offering "a host of new useful information to your e-mail inbox. Each issue contains news of the latest Internet resources available for conducting free legal, business & investigative research on the Internet." - "is a unique, free Web journal dedicated to providing legal professionals with the most up-to-date information on a wide range of Internet legal research and technology-related issues."

The Virtual Chase - "Since Summer 1996, The Virtual Chase has assisted legal professionals conducting research on the Internet. It began as a means by which to disseminate articles and teaching aids to law librarians and other instructors of Internet research. Now it offers more than 500 pages of information pertaining to resources and research strategies. Designed especially for lawyers and other experienced legal researchers, the site guides visitors through the Internet chaff in an effort to find its grains of wheat."


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