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Obviously, you can't have a paperless office without scanning the paper that comes into your office. Here are some options for small and portable personal scanners. 

Small Scanners for personal/small office use


Attaché  - Attaches to your laptop through a PC card slot. Similar to Paperport, but much smaller, and it doesn't require the huge power brick the Paperport does. You could actually take this one on the road with you. In fact, that's probably the best use for it since there's no easy way to attach it to a desktop. Review by Ross Kodner of Microlaw. Street price $82.00. 

Hewlett Packard

Capshare Handheld Scanner - This is a great scanner for personal use. It's the size of a paperback book, holds up to 50 pages. Black and white only, but you can create PDF and TIFF files with it. One nice thing about this scanner is that you don't have to have your computer on to use it. Scan pages and transmit them to your computer by cable or IR. 


OneTouch 8650  - "with built-in Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is not just an incredibly powerful way to scan multi-page documents; it is the faster, smarter, easier way to fax, copy, email, or store documents and images. With its dedicated function buttons and powerful software integration, it is the office tool you have been waiting for."

Paperport Strobe Pro - "Integrates the most advanced paper management software with our unique compact sheetfed color scanner. The result is the ideal solution for streamlining information that makes it easy to find what you're looking for - even if you don't remember where you put it. With our Paper-driven ™ technology, you just feed in your color or black and white documents or images; Visioneer Strobe Pro automatically launches the PaperPort software, and places your documents and images on the PaperPort desktop."

Inexpensive Sheet-Fed Scanners

Visioneer 8650 -  $300 list price.



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