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Vendor-provided information:

"SmartCounsel - Matter Management for Workgroups
SmartCounsel provides a flexible set of software tools to help legal professionals manage complex legal matters. With SmartCounsel, law departments and law firms can monitor and track: notes, expenditures, events, key dates, personnel, budgets, documents and more.

The system is also designed to work with team members outside the organization, making it easy to share information, thoughts, ideas, strategies and more with outside counsel or corporate counsel as appropriate. SmartCounsel is being used in several Fortune 500 companies and is deployed to very large user communities across four major continents."

1. The first browser-based matter management system on the market.

2. In use by some of the largest law departments in the world. Clients include Motorola, Pfizer, Dupont, Andersen Worldwide, PWC, Comerica, etc. etc. -- we have over thousands of end users in 4 continents using our system

3. The only matter management system on the market that DOES NOT require outside counsel to "tunnel" through corporate firewalls to use the application collaboratively with in-house counsel.

4. The only matter management system that gives clients an option to ACCESS THE SOURCE CODE and, if they follow our development guidelines, they'll be guaranteed an upgrade path.

5. We handle every kind of matter there is -- integrated practice groups include litigation (of course), IP, General law, Labor & Employment, Environmental, Contracts & Contract Management etc.

6. We're integrated with most major systems, PCDocs, Imanage, CPI, MDC, SAP, Oracle Financials, Peoplesoft, Tymetrix

Information provided by vendor 7/26/01

Last updated: 04/06/2002


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