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Extranets for Transactions - Virtual Deal Rooms

The following sites offer extranet products that seem to be aimed at the transactional legal market. These companies generally attempt to promote themselves as having the high security standards required by the legal industry. 

Blaze Ventures "offers lawyers and other professionals a way to get deals done faster and more productively. The BlazeVentures platform unites everyone involved on corporate transactions, offering tools for document collaboration, deal tracking, time management, discussion boards and working group management."

CynOps from TyMetrix - "CynOps is a service for the creation and organization of collaborative networks, where each network is created to support a specific client and all of its outside law firms. It is the most advanced application available today to assist organizations in the management of legal representation."

Merrill e-collaborateTM 

Niku - Niku purchased the former LegalAnywhere. Their website indicates that they do not seem to be focusing on the legal market at this time, but on March 27, 2001, they announced to the TechnoLawyer Community that new functionality had been added to their extranet product. As of June 23, 2001, there are rumors that Niku is no longer focusing on the legal market.

RecordsCenter offers "DoxNet™, a document management and collaboration service for conducting and closing complex deals and legal transactions; and Virtual DataRoom, a workspace, document management and source information tool designed specifically for the due diligence process"

Serengeti/Ikon - "The IKON Virtual File Room™ (VFR™), a Serengeti Service, is a litigation and business transaction management solution that provides attorneys with rapid, secure access to large volumes of documents through a web browser. The VFR allows legal teams to simultaneously search, retrieve, view, annotate, organize, and print documents from case-specific databases and work together from remote locations."

T-Lex - "T Lex develops "extranets" -- private, highly secure Web sites for corporations, law  firms and others. Each site is customized to meet the particular needs of each client." Primarily geared toward litigation, but the company says it can be used for other applications as well. 

View slides from a presentation by a K-Mart in-house attorney about K-Mart's experience with their T-Lex Extranet.

View a demo of theT-Lex system.




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